Day 198: Farmers Market Glut

There seems to finally be an abundance of produce and products at the farmer's markets, everything having been delayed by our cool and rainy late spring/early summer.  And, true to my form, I can't control myself at the stalls, or in planting my own garden, and so our kitchen counter-tops, as well as our dining room table, are constantly covered by local goods.

Of course, this year I can rationalize: I need these things you see, to make my own products for the farmer's markets where I am selling...

So, now I am spending lots of (mostly) happy time in the kitchen dreaming up ways to creatively and tastily use all this stuff. My next few posts will be showcasing before and after pics of products I bought, in their raw form, and what I made them into.  First up, this lovely broccoli I picked up at the Centerville market.  I don't really see homegrown broccoli often at the markets, so of course I snapped it up!

Broccoli, bacon, and candy onion salad with Dijon vinaigrette.
Tip: always blanch vegetables like broccoli before using in a salad, and don't throw away the stems!  I simply sliced them thinly on the bias and blanched them as well, in salted boiling water, and then "shock" the broccoli in ice water to stop the cooking.  Blanching takes the raw, chlorophyll-y edge off the veggies while still leaving them crisp.  You're welcome.

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