Day 187: I Am Forgetting How to Cook

I spend so much time now researching baking, thinking about baking, and um, actually baking that I feel I am  getting rusty on the whole cooking thing.  And if you know me, you will also know that this situation makes me none too happy.  My kitchen has been taken hostage by all manner of flours and measuring devices...

It's not all bad though.  I'm developing a certain level of skill, and while I won't be participating in any international pastry competitions anytime soon, I am learning.  And as I tell my daughter, we should always be learning.

I did manage to put supper on the table tonight though, and it was a hyper-local meal, which means I get to feel all urban-hippie and self-righteous:
Pork chop with rhubarb barbecue sauce glaze, smashed potatoes, pea and carrot salad.  Yeah me! 

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