Day 311: Mmmmmm...Taqueria Mixteca...

A tasty family lunch:

My tasty torta al pastor. I ate it in quite a greedy manner. And was quite satisfied.

Day 310: Playing with Spelt

I also purchased some lovely stone-ground spelt flour from End of the Road Farm, and have started to experiment a bit. I made this batch of quick bread using solely spelt flour, instead of mixing it with AP to increase the gluten content. The results were pretty decent, and much more edible than my dumb muffins.

Spelt quick bread with pomegranate, carrot, and lemon.

I did underbake it a bit though. Maybe I should have just stayed out of the kitchen altogether that day.

Day 309: Stupid Muffin Fail

Sometimes we just need to be humbled. I am fortunate to have enough kitchen experience at this point in my life that most of my attempts turn out pretty ok. This was not one of those times. I've made muffins plenty of times, and they really aren't the most challenging of undertakings.

Didn't seem to matter, as I just couldn't seem to pay enough attention to what I was doing to make these turn out even remotely tasty, at least for my nit-picky standards.
Oatmeal apple pie muffins, with spelt flour. Crap. And now compost.

Day 308: Cold Weather Brings Warm Soup

It has finally been cold enough for me to not only crave soup, but also to want to make a big pot of it. I picked up a beautiful bag of Red Pontiac potatoes and carrots from End of the Road Farm, and put them to happy and warming use.

Potato soup with house made chicken stock, Benton's ham ends, peas, onion, celery carrots, and parsley.

Day 307: Good for Breakfast Too

I always seem to run out of buns for my leftover hamburgers, but no matter. They really aren't always necessary.
Hamburger and egg with simple greens and sweet potato fries

Day 306: My Favoritest Hamburger

Sure, you could say that I'm partial to the hamburger beef from Innisfree on the Stillwater (the farm of my brother and SIL), and you would be right. But my partiality is due so much more to the simple fact that they are offering a superior product.

One of my favorite dishes, the hamburger. Here dressed with cheddar cheese, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard, served on a pretzel bun, with (slightly burned) sweet potato fries.

Day 305: Cereal Bars

I've been experimenting with a lot of new treats lately, both to sell and to have on hand here at home.  One thing I'm always looking to have on hand is portable, but nourishing, breakfast items. There are mornings where we are headed out to run errands or go on a field trip, or I just want some variety for DH's work day, where a portable option is the best option for food.
My first stab at a cereal bar. Rice and corn cereal paired with peanut butter, honey, and dried fruits and peanuts. They didn't hold their shape well, but they were tasty and filling.