Day 194: Happy Tasty Things

Our weekend trip to Zingerman's brought us tasty things to enjoy at home.  I was so thankful to have this little smorgasbord on hand, since we didn't get home from the track until almost 9 o'clock and it is way too hot to use any heat.

 Plate of Happiness: Kentucky Country Ham, Montreal Smoked Meat, Rosette de Lyon salami, Landjaeger sausage, Great Lakes Cheshire cheese, Raspberry Bella Vitano cheese (made with raspberry tart ale), rhubarb grahams, chocolate cherry bread, garden tomatoes and blackberries, blueberries from Jackson's Farm.  
 A close up of the happy goodness.  The Montreal Smoked Meat and country ham were my faves.

Check out this amazing bread!  Full of cocoa, pockets of dark chocolate, and dried cherries.  So, so good!

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