Day 184: Dayton Food Truck Rally

I know Dayton is trying.  I know people are becoming more food-aware, and that makes me happy.  A huge crowd showed up downtown Friday night for the food truck rally, and that is a great thing to see.  Even so, I must say that for the most part, I was disappointed in the quality and variety of foodstuffs being offered by the trucks.  There are certain things I look for in a food truck, just as I do with a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.  1.  Use the best quality ingredients you can afford and get your hands on.  Please do not use inferior chocolate in your baked goods and instant coffee in your meat rub.  2.  Use local products whenever possible.   3.  Be creative.  Think outside the burger and the pulled pork sandwich.  3.  Make as many things as you can from scratch.  Do not use a bottled sauce or pre-made, preservative laden foods.

Ok, I know we have to start somewhere, and I'm glad progress is being made and people are so enthusiastic.  Some of the trucks are really doing a great job in offering quality and thoughtful products.  So here's hoping for continued forward progress.

 Bacon, bacon jam grilled cheese.  It could have been really good, if quality products had been used.  Instead, it was just ok.  And I could taste the Folger's.
 Chowing on a fish taco.  These were good, but not remarkable.  
 Peanut butter, pickle, and Sririacha burger.  Pretty tasty, but too much peanut butter, and an inferior bun.  People always over look the bread quality, which drives me nuts.
 Jones cane soda (cola) in a can!  Who knew!

Ordering cupcakes all be herself.  They were ok, but lacked flavor depth.

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