It's Cold Here

So we got our first real snow today, sort of. In typical Ohio form, the temperature dropped twenty-some degrees from yesterday. There's white on the ground, I can see my breath, and I had to warm up the car this morning. Fun.

Walking to the garage, I looked around our back yard, as I often do. My eyes fell sadly on my empty cold-frame, which for this winter at least is literally framing the cold. That certain person who was responsible for planting back in August had to go and have surgery or something, so now we have no plants for fresh food in the coming long, tediously cold, months. Ergh.

So what's a gimpy winter-gardening wannabe to do? I joined a winter CSA, the only one I could find in the area. I will have to drive to C-bus twice a month to pick up our share of veggies, but the drive will be worth having fresh green stuff for the next several weeks. Plus, I plan on hitting the North Market and Jeni's Ice Cream (like I could pass up that opportunity) to round out my biweekly trek. Not a bad deal at all, really.

We also have a somewhat decrepit greenhouse window hanging off our kitchen. I plan on sprouting some sprouts (Alfalfa, I mean) and trying to grow a few lettuces. The space is there and all, so why the hell not? Besides, I think Hannah's fledgling green bean plant from school would welcome the company.

So what are you doing for fresh food this winter? Have you even thought about it? Or are you going to be one of "those" people who insist on "fresh" tomatoes even in the icy throes of February? If you are, I feel for your taste buds. Perhaps you should have them checked out as they seem to appreciate the taste of styrofoam. Or, you could appreciate this time of year for what it is, bust out the dutch oven, and braise away, coaxing your dinner to new levels of slow-cooked, tasty satisfaction. Mmmm.....