Day 120:Keeping a Well-Stocked Deep Freezer

When I have the time (and the motivation) I try to make several batches of baked goods and ready-to-bake/cook dishes and stock the deep freeze.  This way I always have something on hand when the need arises, or I don't have time to bake or cook.  Tonight I pulled some mini chicken pastries, popped them in the oven, and served them with some local salad greens.  
I noticed today that my deep freeze stock is running dangerously low...
Time to get baking again!


Day 119: Ugly Fried Bits

This may be the ugliest plate of fried food I've made in a while.  I improvised way too many steps, and so the result was, let's say, less than stellar.  Chicken livers and onions, soaked in yogurt (for only an hour, mind you), in a stout batter with flour and cornmeal, fried in olive oil.  Yeah, too many changes to the process.  Oh well. Our bellies are full, and I know what not to do next time.


Day 118

This is what today looks like, because I'm really not much for caring right now.  I've spent all day in my "office" dilly-dallying and just getting stupid, meaningless things done.  This is a day where I just can't seem to get excited about anything, and all things seem trite and pointless.  My head is in a funky place, and there's no use trying to get it out of there.  It's like struggling in quicksand.  One step forward, 3/4 step back.  That seems to be how things go.  Bah.  Who cares.


Day 117: Local Redemption

After spending an irritating amount of money on processed crappy food at the amusement park today, I decided we needed to redeem ourselves by eating (and drinking) local for dinner.  So, I headed over to The Dayton Beer Co.  and picked up a growler of their Broken Trolley Blonde Ale.  Very drinkable after a long day spent terrifying ourselves on roller coasters.

Conveniently, a new food truck was parked in the lot, providing easy access to quick, local eats.

I ordered up two "Road Trip" burgers (the Minneapolis Juicy Lucy) and a "Literary" quesadilla (Larry McMurtry), and three orders of fries.  The quesadilla especially was tasty.
So, all was not a complete food loss today.  Yeah for local things!


Day 116: A Taste of Malaysia

We sampled Malaysian food for the first time tonight from Straits of Malacca.  A bit spicy, and quite tasty, with plenty for breakfast leftovers!

 Hokkien Mee: Udon noodles in oyster sauce with chicken, shrimp, and baby bok choi

 Popiah: Malaysian spring Roll; shrimp, braised jicama with shiitake, chicken, shrimp, bean sprout, egg, cucumber, lettuce, chili, & hoisin sauce in fresh pastry

 Cucur udang: shrimp and Chinese chive fritters with tamarind sauce

 Barbecue pork bun

Nasi Goreng Kampung: spicy fried rice and vermicelli with anchovies, shrimp, chicken, and water spinach

 Crispy pork belly

KungFu Yin Yong: Flat rice noodles and rice vermicelli  in egg drop sauce with sliced chicken, shrimp, and baby bok choy


Day 115: Goat: It's What's for Dinner!

Angel hair pasta with pickled cherry tomato sauce, broccolini, pan-seared goat chops.


Day 114

I needed waffles today.  I have been craving them something fierce and had planned on making them tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.  So I made them.  And I made two different kinds, with plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

Both start with a base of 1/2 organic white and whole wheat flours and buttermilk (If properly motivated, I may write recipes for them and post soon.).  
I have also decided that when I get around to whatever type of food-related business God has in store for me and my (extended) family, some type of waffle dish will be on regular rotation.

Here we have the sweet and the savory, oat and strawberry to the right, and bacon, Pecorino Romano cheese, and chive to the left.  I think the savory ones would make excellent hors d'oeurves, something I will have to do very soon.


Day 113

Heirloom popcorn, black turtle beans, and corn tortilla chips from Shagbark Seed and Mill, one of my latest local food discoveries.  I have had the corn crackers, which I really enjoyed, so I picked up a few more products to try at the North Market last week.  I've been told that the popcorn is outstanding.  I will leave that decision to the popcorn aficionado of the family, aka my husband.  I, personally don't eat the stuff unless it's flavored in some way, and can't stand to watch people eat it.  All the shoveling in to the mouth, crunching, and mess-making really freaks me out.  Blech.  I am sure this product is wonderful, though, my odd hang-ups aside.  


Day 112

Open-faced whole wheat biscuits with Innisfree eggs, pulled pork, and barbecue sauce drizzle. with a pea, bean, and lentil sprout salad.


Day 111

Broke in the Ninja today!  Smoothies with wild blueberries, baby greens, oats, yogurt, and a little maple syrup for sweetness.  Let me tell you, the motor on this thing is scary.  It is easily the most powerful small appliance I own (1100 watts!).

The blender comes with two individual cups, along with a single blade.  You just attach the cup to the base upside-down, blend, turn right-side up, add a lid, and you are out the door.  Sweet.

In short order we had three of these.  Two with an added shot of vodka ( Lots of garden work today folks!).  Alllllriiiiight.
Now I just have to make sure I give Hannah the right glass...


Day 110

How I wish I could start every day like this.


Day 109

Happy little tacos!



Day 107: I Am Older

This day started off really rough, complete with stormy weather, little sleep, and a body telling me that this new year of life is going to pick up right where the last left off. Syndromes, allergies, aches and pains, all accounted for, and ready for another year of duty.  Nonetheless, I felt oddly calm as I finally dragged myself out of bed, buoyed up by the blessed assurance that someday this defective shell will fall away. ( Receiving a myriad of well-wishes and a happy birthday phone call from my little sister helped too!)

My sweet beautiful daughter made me a card, wishing me happy birthday all through the day.  And knowing that I wasn't feeling great, she made me soup:

My lovely husband, not to be outdone, had these waiting for me when we got home:

Yes, friends, I am now the proud owner of a Ninja, which promises to rock my smoothie/sauce/soup- making world.  I cannot wait to try it!  I also cannot wait to try my latest installments of Columbus' own Jeni's ice cream, especially the Olive Oil, Saffron, and Orange Caramel, and the Absinthe Meringue.  This man who promised to stay with me through the good and bad, well he is just what I need.  


Day 106

Sprouts!  Hooray for baby plants!


Day 105

Tonight we gathered with friends and family to celebrate the amazing life of an amazing woman, Marilou Guy.  She left us so early, but she left behind a legacy.  So many of us share the honor of knowing her as a friend and a kindred spirit, and her departure leaves a gaping hole.  So as we struggle to absorb our loss, we must remember to honor her influence by continuing on.  We will keep laughing, keep loving, and keep cooking and eating.  We love you dear friend, you are so precious to all of us, and we thank you. (And a special thanks to Chef Wiley for being so generous and opening Meadowlark's doors for us!)
My humble offering for the occasion: Barbecue pulled pork mac & cheese.

 Friends and family gather around as Chef Carrie and Peggy offer loving words on Marilou.

Three of my favorite foodie friends.  Love you ladies!

Plates heaping with the amazing food contributed by everyone tonight.  

Jackie rockin' it out with her plate full of goodness!  Yeah!

Friends and family chowing down and sharing memories.

Marilou's famous Irish Car Bomb cupcake.

The beautiful, talented lady herself.  We miss you so much!


Day 104

Pork shoulder.  Low and slow.  To be continued tomorrow.


Day 103

Arepas con queso y pollo, salsa fresca, cerveza.


Day 102

Well now, there's a pair if I've ever seen one.


Day 101

Supper: Fried chicken drizzled with local honey, oven sweet potato "chips", whole wheat yogurt biscuits.  And...I'm done.


Day 100

Colors!  Eat them.


Day 99

Crispy pork chops whole wheat couscous salad with edamame, strawberries, and local lettuces.  Olive oil, thyme, Meyer lemon zest and juice, s&p for seasoning.


Day 98

Sometimes, this just happens.  So be it.


Day 97

Let the garden begin! We started tomatoes and a few other summer plants today, along with a lot of greens and spring veggies.  Here's hoping for lots of good growing, edible things!


Day 96

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week.  I did not necessarily feel like spending a lot of time there today, other than cleaning up.  So I made a plate of all the leftover bits.  And this is dinner.