As I sat down at the dining room table earlier today, I realized that surrounding my lunch was evidence of all that is important to me in my life today( excluding my husband and daughter of course, who are at work and school, respectively). I had a plate of food and a cup of coffee in front of me, a cookbook, two books on sustainable eating and agriculture, the laptop, my phone, and my Bible. How poignant and revealing a display in this microcosm of my total life. So food, caffeine, books on food, connective and informational technology, and The Guide Book for everything; what more do I need?

Next time you take a seat in a often-frequented area of your home ( I realize potty humor will quickly come into play here, but aside from food, my toilet surroundings are much the same as my table), take a look around. You may be surprised at how you have subconsciously prioritized your life!