Day 181: Favorite Honey

This is currently my favorite brand of honey, from Honeyrun Farm   in Williamsport, OH, and I buy a bottle almost every time I am at the North Market.  The Tulip Poplar (from the fall, I believe) is currently my favorite varietal.  It is bold, in- your- face honey, very good for baking or just drizzling on one's tongue.

I just bought some of the Spring Harvest and have yet to try it.  I have rarely seen a honey so light and delicate looking, and the flavor is said to match its appearance.  It is made primarily from Black Locust Trees.

I only buy local honey for a variety of reasons: I know it is real, unadulterated honey, the bees are raised well and not sprayed with nasty things (Yes, I am sure there are some local producers who aren't very conscientious...if you're wondering, ask them about their practices!), and the flavor is in a completely different spectrum from the faux stuff on grocery shelves.

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