Day 180: Eating Cleveland, Part 3...

I don't know about you, but usually each one of my "foodie" trips has some sort of a let-down.  Not necessarily full-blown disappointment, but more of an "Ohhhh....."

So, after all the excitment of our meal the night before, we ended our trip with a plan to brunch at Lucky's Cafe and walk over to Lilly Handmade Chocolates, one of my favorite stops in the greater Cleveland area.  We waited a long time for our table, much longer than quoted, which normally wouldn't bother me too much, but this time it completely prevented us from making it to our post-brunch stop for chocolates and specialty beers and liqueurs.  The owners of Lilly's were headed on vacation this week, and had discounted their truffles in order to sell-out stock before closing up.  And sell out they did.  While we were waiting for our table.  If only I had known, we would have made a beeline across the street before eating breakfast!!!

I was so disappointed that I forgot to take pictures of my food...but I did capture this one of me sticking my big ol' finger in my cappuccino foam:

Mmm...coffee....Seriously, my food was good too: biscuits and gravy and eggs and things.  Just what I needed to fall asleep on the construction- riddled, rain-soaked drive back home. ZZZzzzzz.....

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