Day 192: All that Glitters is not a Medal...

As many of you already know, we headed up to Olivet College in MI to the regional Junior Olympics championships for track and field this weekend.  It's been a crazy and frenetic road here...

Hannah joined the Miami Valley Track Club this year, and this was her first year doing any organized track and field.  The learning curve was steep, and we all climbed it very quickly.  Over a short couple of months' time, she switched from sprinting to distance, improved by a few feet in long jump, and several feet in javelin.

A few weeks ago, Hannah competed at the regional meet at Cedarville University.  She had to place 6th or better at this meet to qualify for a spot in MI.  We had zero expectations, but should have known better, as she placed 4th in javelin and narrowly missed qualifying in long jump!  Watching someone so young soak in so much knowledge in such a short time has been dizzying, and we are amazed but her quick improvement.  Even so, I have to remind myself that she still is quite young, and we need to be careful not to expect too much.  

Most important, she has enjoyed herself, and is slowly gaining confidence in a completely new arena.  As parents, we have learned a ton, and I look forward to the coming months when we can help her train and prepare for next season.

So, back to this photo.  You see the shirts, and the medal, but why is there a pastry?  After we were done with her event Saturday morning, we made the short drive to Ann Arbor (trying to ignore all those annoying big M's everywhere) so we could hit up Zingerman's, a must-stop for foodie-types in the greater OH-MI area.  Hannah proudly wore her uniform and medal all day, which served her well, impressing the young men working at the creamery and bakehouse.  So in addition to a 5th place medal, she was rewarded with gelato and pastry, which I believe pleased her almost as much as her medal.

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