Days 34, 35, 36

I haven't been much in the mood for posting these past two days, and I know I won't for the next several either.  Nonetheless, even as my heart is heavy with loss, I know life must continue.  My posting these photos feels trite, almost silly right now, but the world of food is one that I have been so fortunate to live in with such a dear friend who soon leaves us.  So in her honor, I will keep cooking.  Because she would tell me to.  

Superbowl Food

 Peanut butter and bacon cookies.  Savory, salty, and sweet.  Great with beer.

 Collard green slaw with rainbow carrots and red cabbage.  The roughage of the meal.

Crappy picture, but these are stuffed biscuit balls.  I was going to make arepas, but my masa was expired.  Like 2011 expired.  So I stuffed smoked Gouda and bacon into biscuit dough and sprinkled them with Maldon sea salt.  

 And yes!  It happened!  The challenge was presented, the gauntlet thrown down!  Can you combine pancakes, mustard, hot dogs, and corn salsa into not only an edible, but a cohesive, dish?  I will tell you, it can be done!  The components: pancake deep fried in duck fat, hot dog, butterflied and pan seared, pickled mustard seeds, maple and chipotle mayo, and salsa made of corn, mango, papaya, cilantro, and green onion.  Boo to the yah.  

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