Day 45 Love and Ice Cream

Day 45: We don't get all choked up and lovey-dovey on these so-named "Hallmark holidays", but we do pause for a moment to remove ourselves from the stresses and trials of the day and recognize our love for each other, and for our amazing daughter.  It's been a pretty rough road recently, so it's nice to take a quick, deep breath and remind ourselves how blessed we are to be in a loving relationship, and members of a loving family.

 I baked these little lovelies for Hannah's KCC chorus on Tuesday.  Super fudgey brownies, cut into heart shapes, with a little daub of pink buttercream and a conversation heart.  They were quite the hit.

 True love: A dear, thoughtful husband who is in tune with your insane levels of food pickiness (We all should be food-picky, you know.  We should really care so, so much more about what we put in our bodies, but that is for another post!), and surprises you with some of the BEST ice cream these 50 states have to offer!

 Ta-da!  The Jeni's Valentine's Collection!  A beautiful sight if I've ever seen one.  Banana Cajeta, Guava Cloverton, Roxbury Road, and Double-Toasted Coconut.  

I am not often surprised, but this gift was truly touching, very thoughtful, and much needed.  Happy Valentine's Day to all of you I hold dear!

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