Days 125-131: Florida

So...I've been gone for a week, and had little access to the internets (Meaning all I had was a smartphone; fine for checking email and the Facebooks, but not so much for blogging.).  I now give you the food and drink related pics I snapped while enjoying lots of sand and water:

Hannah with her beautiful hot chocolate from The Little Tart in ATL.  We stopped here for lunch and copious amounts of caffeine for the adults: two Americanos with four shots each.  

 Foodstuffs from The Little Tart: here a gougère and a BLT on focaccia with tomato pesto.

Cinnamon streusel coffe cake I made for our breakfasts.

 Hannah with her basket of fried shrimp and scallops.

Shrimp po' boy.  It was meh.  I was hoping if I ate it, we might magically be transported to New Orleans, where I would be eating a real po' boy.  It didn't happen.  Sigh.

The result of impulse buying at the package store.  Scary stuff, I tell you.

Using up bits that survived cooler transport across 5 states.  Favas, asparagus, red onion, chicken, and bacon.

Livi eating chips and Sarah showing the queso fundido who's boss.  Her Tidy-bowl hued margarita contributed to later gastronomic distress.  Ugh for icky unnatural things.

Aforementioned queso fundido con hongos.

This iced substance was sold as frozen yogurt, but was a sad representation.  I dubbed it "faux-yurt).  It also contributed to later gastronomic distress.  Lesson learned: never trust a toppings bar which includes Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Ugh.  I should have just walked to the gas station and bought a Snickers.

Friday night shots of Sweet Revenge out of cheesy souvenir shot glasses.  Nothing good came of this decision.

The poor quality of this photo is due entirely to the fact that the bottle is empty.  And in us.

 During our marathon drive home, we stopped for restorative barbecue and Jim and Nick's in Montgomery.  Much needed fuel for the 10 million miles we had left to go.

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