Day 132: Birthday Goodies

After driving like a million miles in like a billion years, we finally got home from our trip to FL very early Sunday morning.  There was no rest for this weary one, however, as I had treats to finish as birthday presents for my younger brother and dad.  Our whole family was getting together at our house to celebrate spring birthdays and Mother's Day, and I had only a few short, sleep-deprived hours to finish my treats and get cleaned up.

My sister-in-law and I had decided to recreate some very popular snack cakes for my brother and dad, who both carry a fondness for these little treats.  So, she made "fudge rounds" (Little KT's!) and I made "oatmeal creme pies (Little Jenny's!).  They turned out waaay better than I expected, especially since I wasn't  on functioning anywhere near full capacity, and the recipe involved sugar and a candy thermometer.  That's an ugh combination for me on the best of days.  All, in all, I'm pretty pleased with the results, and I'm glad I froze extra cookies, because these will definitely need to happen again soon!

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