Day 137: It's Not All Food

Please indulge me as I break from my usual foodiness and focus on another passion in my life: music:

This weekend marked the end of the Dayton Philharmonic season, capped off by, in my opinion, one of the most demanding pieces for chorus: Brahms German Requiem.  After enduring three grueling rehearsals earlier in the week, we had our first performance Friday night.  I have to be honest with you, it was rough. The entire performance was on the razor's edge of disaster.  Thankfully, experience and musicianship saved us, and we muddled through.
I left the stage that night with my mind swirling.  I have rarely felt so disconcerted after a performance, and had no idea how we were going to pull off another one the following night.  I had a difficult time sleeping, knowing that I personally had sung timidly, out of fear and lack of confidence, and really beating myself up over my own lackluster contribution. 

I will, however, never ceased to be amazed at what a difference a day can make.  Going into warm-up Saturday was a different experience entirely.  The tenor of the entire chorus had changed, as if we had all suddenly remembered how good we could be, the talent that we possessed.  The shift in attitude was palpable, the air relaxed.  As we stood to sing the opening movement, I felt the fatigue of a long week and lack of sleep, but I also felt the confidence return, knowing tonight would be different.

As the final notes were played and we closed our scores, I knew we had nailed it.  On a personal level, I was so relieved.  Relieved and content with the effort I had given, and with the effort the entire chorus had dug so deep to give, resulting in a beautiful performance that I will not soon forget.  And that is why I sing.

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