Days 2-5

Day 2: Hannah eating Israeli schnitzel at Olive Tree Cafe in Hilliard, Ohio.  She was absolutely convinced the vermicelli in her rice was little worms...

Day 3: Collard greens aren't just for braising; they're also great in salads.  Here I've made one with thinly sliced collards, apples, celery, dried cranberries, and toasted walnuts with a simple vinaigrette.

Day 4: Hannah and I drinking our Mexican bevvies at our favorite Columbus taco spot, Los Gauchos.  If you have yet to go there, go now.  It's muy delicioso!

Day 5: My first tongue!  Innisfree beef tongue used to make tacos de lengua.  Muy delicioso tambien!

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kmhitzeman said...

Once I stopped thinking about *what* I was eating (I've never been big on eating non-traditional parts!), it was really good.