Day 30

Day 30: The Carnitas Process: delicious porkiness in about 3 hours.  4.5 lbs of lard slowly bathing 4.5 lbs of pork butt into porcine perfection, AKA a pork confit.   The last two pictures were taken by Gary (obviously, with the beer in the background and the missing, ahem, prettiness of the pics)), who sous-cheffed as Hannah and I traveled to New Carlisle to check up on my little sis at her basketball game. She is the team manager and dancer.  Seriously, you have got to see her lawnmower!  She's having a rough time with Daddy being gone and our Grandma on her way to our heavenly home...

Even as we are going through this tough time as a family, I am reminded that one of my greatest joys in the kitchen is getting to create meals and dishes for others.  Food is always about sharing for me, whether it be with family, friends, or complete strangers.  I always seem to cook better when I have someone to cook for.    In difficult times, I always turn to food.  Everyone needs to eat, and there is always comfort in sharing a meal

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