Day 19: The Best of the West

In my opinion, the best part of regional travel is sampling the taste of the place.  On this trip: Buffalo and western New York  We had lunch at the famous Ted's Hot Dogs, complete with a lingonberry soda.  Then it was off to Paula's Donuts, for um, donuts, Talking Leaves for books, and Parkside Candy for the strangeness that is spongecandy.  All other food and beer stuffs (not all beer is pictured) from Wegman's.
Clockwise: utz salt 'n vinegar chips (Hanover, PA), Wegman's shopping bag, Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace saison, Parkside Candy "dark sponge" (Buffalo, NY), Weber's hot garlic mustard, hot green tomato piccalilli relish, hot Texan sandwich sauce (Buffalo, NY), Sahlen's smokehouse hotdogs and natural sheep-casing wieners (Buffalo, NY), dozen donuts from Paula's, including red velvet andpeanut and jelly (Buffalo, NY), and Wegman's travel coffee mug.  

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