Lost Days: 165, 166, 167

I can't stand it when I feel sick.  All my projects just sitting around, waiting on me, piles of things adding up, no progress made...

For those of you who live in the allergy cesspool otherwise known as the Miami Valley, you know exactly to what I am referring.  This weekend was especially bad, a tidal wave of symptoms that are always crashing, but reaching tsunami status the past few days.

So, everything was put on hold as I coughed and head-ached my way through the weekend.  I've spent a lot of time in Divine conversation the past few days, asking for mercy so I can function.  

I went out to peek at the garden this morning, and it is nice to know that despite (or maybe because) of my lack of plant/human interaction, there are things growing!  Blossoms galore!  Well, at least something productive happened this weekend...

 Sweet-meat squash

 Snap pea




 Alpine strawberry



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