Day 174: A Break from Food; the Importance of Being a Cheerleader

Today I got to take a break from baking, but that doesn't mean I took a break.  Today was the second day of the Junior Olympic qualifier meet in Cedarville, and Hannah was set to long jump this morning.  Let me tell you, for a nine-year-old who has never done any of these field events, run in an organized manner, or known anything about lanes, spikes, or fouls, she has come a long way in a few short weeks, and we are so proud of her!

She made it to the final round today, and just missed qualifying by two places.  She was pretty disappointed, especially since she didn't receive a ribbon, but she jumped her best today by 10 inches, a phenomenal improvement.  We did our best as cheerleaders, telling her to shake it off when she fouled, to run fast and jump hard.  And when the disappointment came, we hugged her, telling her just how proud we were of her accomplishments, encouraging her to focus on the vast improvements she's made in such a short time.

  Yesterday, however, she placed fifth in the javelin, earning her a spot in the Region 5 Junior Olympic Championships, another qualifying meet for the National Junior Olympics later this year.  So, I guess this mama will be making a drive to Michigan in a few weeks, to coach, encourage, chide, hug, and love.

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