Day 170: The Most Dangerous Substance on the Face of this Earth!

...or at least in your kitchen...

I am making sea salt caramels today.  The directions call for a 4-quart pot and clearly instruct you not the substitute a smaller one, as this roiling sugar magma will triple in size as it boils.

Of course I used a smaller pot.

The largest pot I have (without going completely overboard with a Dutch oven) is a 3-quart.  I really need a 4-quart, as my nerves are objecting to all this fate-tempting with an inadequately sized vessel.  If only I had an extra hundred-some dollars laying around...

Anyway, I watched my pot like a hawk, praying that it would help me out and just boil politely without going all gang-busters and spew forth all over my stove and cause me burns which would require skin grafts.

So I watched, and I watched, and I watched...For someone with my personality, waiting for sugar to come up to the appropriate temperature is akin to torture.  I like to be doing at least four things at one time.  These directions, however, I know need to be followed.  Whilst boiling sugar for candy, one should never leave the stove unattended.  This is not the time for a bathroom Solitaire break.  Bad things will happen.

So I waited and watched.  I will be patient with this one.  Because the results will be so worth it.

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