Day 177

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with a friend in Columbus, my favorite food town within short driving distance.  I've been meaning to check out Dinin' Hall for a while, and this seemed like as ideal a time as any.  If you haven't heard of or been to Dinin' Hall, it is basically an old warehouse where food trucks can set up (usually two), you can order, and then eat your meal inside at their tables.  Check out the preceding link to check the process out.  It's really a very cool idea!

So yesterday's trucks were Bab's Down Home Cookin' and Green Meanie:

I had the namesake: The Green Meanie: Panko-crusted chicken croquettes with all sorts of veggie goodness, all piled into Navajo fry bread!  I have to admit, the fry bread is what sold me, and it was all delicious!

My daughter, who has never been know to turn down shrimp (unless it's really spicy), had the garlic and lime shrimp with rice, and a side of mac 'n cheese (another dish she rarely turns down).  The shrimp was conquered in no time!

The best part of the meal however may have been this:

I have no idea how or why this happened, but I'm sure glad it did.

And of course, on a hot, steamy day, one must make a trip to Jeni's!  

Oh yes, it was delicious.  As always.

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