Day 156

Look!  I have made brown sugar!  Ok, it's not as exciting as fire, but it will save you money and spare you the inconvenience of sending your husband wandering down the baking aisle at the market for another bag while you wait ever so patiently (HA!) at home wondering if he will make it out unscathed with the proper organic light-brown sugar (Oh no, I have never done this...)

People, this is such a taxing and detailed process, so pay really close attention.  Are you ready?

  For light brown sugar, add 1 tablespoon molasses per 1 cup of granulated sugar (I use organic molasses and organic evaporated cane juice because I am a crunchy contrary libertarian.  It's even fair-trade.  You can stop rolling your eyes now.  One must have convictions.).  Stir it together until well blended.  I used a fork which seemed to help the blending process.

If you need dark brown sugar, add two tablespoons molasses per 1 cup sugar.  Use same mixing process.

Store brown sugar in an airtight container.  So...that's it.  Really.

And oh my gosh IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!  

Yes!  Two movie references in one blog post, plus a tutorial.  My work here is done.  You may now go about your day.

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