Day 247: Polish Yums

We found ourselves at the Columbus North Market recently, famished and needing a meal. We were going to opt for pho, but the line was ridiculously long (We were there on a Saturday, which means, hordes of people, not to mention the added cluster from the microbrew fest and farmer's market.), so we searched elsewhere. Enter our next choice: Hubert's Polish Kitchen. Now, I have passed this spot on numerous occasion, and I must admit, my eye is rarely caught by food from the eastern regions of Western Europe. My mistake. Sure, we were hungry, so most anything would prove satiating at this point. But even in my weakened state, I still wanted a tasty meal. 

Thank you Hubert, for filling our bellies in such tasty fashion. I had the chicken "croquette" (which has a Polish name I can't readily recall), a gut-buster stuffed with chicken, sauerkraut, cheese, etc., and smothered with spicy sausage stew. Quite tasty, although the cheese needed to melt more. 

I was, however, enamored with my daughter's choice, which I failed to photograph as her meal was being gobbled down in a greedy manner by the three of us.  A stewed chicken leg and mashed potatoes. So simple, and so easy to screw up. Usually dry and bland. I was skeptical of her simple choice in meal, but I was happily proven wrong. The chicken was still moist, and the flavor was wonderfully chicken-y, as only a well-raised yardbird can be.  The mashed potatoes were just as pleasing.  

So if you find yourself famished, or simply hungry, at the North Market, give the Polish guy a try. And don't forget to honor his request for feedback.  Stop by and tell him how good his food is.  He really will appreciate the gesture.

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