Day 238: Treasures from Vacation

When I was a kid and we would vacation in Michigan, one of our favorite places to visit was Petoskey (Although I dreaded the drive. It made ma horribly carsick.). I love the beautiful quaintness of the town; it always seemed too colorful and picturesque for reality.  It was home to some great little shops and cafes, and two of my favorite stops were the toy store and American Spoon Foods.

American Spoon Foods represents the epitome of high-end spreadable fruit stuffs and other delightful toppings.  You could easily spend a mortgage payment in a few moments time in the shop, but your taste buds would be well rewarded.

My parents recently returned from a quick trip up north, and thoughtfully brought us back a jar of this fascinating caramel.  It's a milk caramel made with local milk and sugar, and mahlab, a spice made from cherry stones I need to get my hands on a jar of mahlab.  I could do some cool things with it, I think!).  The result is a barely sweet flavorful sauce that we poured over warmed fudgy sea salt brownies.  A wonderfully decadent end to the evening!

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