Day 116: A Taste of Malaysia

We sampled Malaysian food for the first time tonight from Straits of Malacca.  A bit spicy, and quite tasty, with plenty for breakfast leftovers!

 Hokkien Mee: Udon noodles in oyster sauce with chicken, shrimp, and baby bok choi

 Popiah: Malaysian spring Roll; shrimp, braised jicama with shiitake, chicken, shrimp, bean sprout, egg, cucumber, lettuce, chili, & hoisin sauce in fresh pastry

 Cucur udang: shrimp and Chinese chive fritters with tamarind sauce

 Barbecue pork bun

Nasi Goreng Kampung: spicy fried rice and vermicelli with anchovies, shrimp, chicken, and water spinach

 Crispy pork belly

KungFu Yin Yong: Flat rice noodles and rice vermicelli  in egg drop sauce with sliced chicken, shrimp, and baby bok choy

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