Day 114

I needed waffles today.  I have been craving them something fierce and had planned on making them tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.  So I made them.  And I made two different kinds, with plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

Both start with a base of 1/2 organic white and whole wheat flours and buttermilk (If properly motivated, I may write recipes for them and post soon.).  
I have also decided that when I get around to whatever type of food-related business God has in store for me and my (extended) family, some type of waffle dish will be on regular rotation.

Here we have the sweet and the savory, oat and strawberry to the right, and bacon, Pecorino Romano cheese, and chive to the left.  I think the savory ones would make excellent hors d'oeurves, something I will have to do very soon.

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