Day 105

Tonight we gathered with friends and family to celebrate the amazing life of an amazing woman, Marilou Guy.  She left us so early, but she left behind a legacy.  So many of us share the honor of knowing her as a friend and a kindred spirit, and her departure leaves a gaping hole.  So as we struggle to absorb our loss, we must remember to honor her influence by continuing on.  We will keep laughing, keep loving, and keep cooking and eating.  We love you dear friend, you are so precious to all of us, and we thank you. (And a special thanks to Chef Wiley for being so generous and opening Meadowlark's doors for us!)
My humble offering for the occasion: Barbecue pulled pork mac & cheese.

 Friends and family gather around as Chef Carrie and Peggy offer loving words on Marilou.

Three of my favorite foodie friends.  Love you ladies!

Plates heaping with the amazing food contributed by everyone tonight.  

Jackie rockin' it out with her plate full of goodness!  Yeah!

Friends and family chowing down and sharing memories.

Marilou's famous Irish Car Bomb cupcake.

The beautiful, talented lady herself.  We miss you so much!

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