Day 107: I Am Older

This day started off really rough, complete with stormy weather, little sleep, and a body telling me that this new year of life is going to pick up right where the last left off. Syndromes, allergies, aches and pains, all accounted for, and ready for another year of duty.  Nonetheless, I felt oddly calm as I finally dragged myself out of bed, buoyed up by the blessed assurance that someday this defective shell will fall away. ( Receiving a myriad of well-wishes and a happy birthday phone call from my little sister helped too!)

My sweet beautiful daughter made me a card, wishing me happy birthday all through the day.  And knowing that I wasn't feeling great, she made me soup:

My lovely husband, not to be outdone, had these waiting for me when we got home:

Yes, friends, I am now the proud owner of a Ninja, which promises to rock my smoothie/sauce/soup- making world.  I cannot wait to try it!  I also cannot wait to try my latest installments of Columbus' own Jeni's ice cream, especially the Olive Oil, Saffron, and Orange Caramel, and the Absinthe Meringue.  This man who promised to stay with me through the good and bad, well he is just what I need.  

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