Days 255-57 Puttin' Up Pumpkin

So, since this process took me three days to complete, and I have multiple pictures, that I ought to be able to cover three days worth of posts in one, no? Well, argue away if you wish, but my decision's been made.

I picked up three pie pumpkins from the farmer's market recently and needed to get them processed. Not because they were going bad, but because they were taking up valuable counter space. I would have loved to can some pumpkin butter or some other type of spread, but there is no "safe" way to water-bath can pumpkin product at home and sell it.  Instead, I made purée, and juice, both of which I can can for later use in pumpkin-y desserts, breads, etc.
Pretty roasted pumpkins

Puréed in the Ninja!

Transferred to a cheesecloth-lined colander to drain off the juices.  Frozen wet purée, not so good.

 (Mostly) liquid-free purée, ready for freezing.

3 cups of pumpkin juice + 3 cups of purée.

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