Day 292: A Day at Bluescreek Farm

The other day we had the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the local food scene that we tried so hard to support. Bluescreek Meats, which operates out of the North Market, is one of our favorite Columbus food vendors. They recently asked customers to help their business out by completing an online survey, promising a reward upon completion. Now, I don't regularly complete such surveys, but seeing as this was a request from a local business that we frequent. I obliged. 
The reward was an invitation to an ox roast on their farm in Marysville, OH. Everyone was asked to bring a supporting dish to compliment the beef, lamb, pork, and deer chili that would be provided. We also got to tool around the farm, go on a guided tour, and take a hayride if we so desired. While we didn't take advantage of all these options, we still thoroughly enjoyed our time eating and hanging out with all the animals. Thanks for a good time guys, and we'll be buying again from you soon!


 Photogenic sheeps.

Cute little baby sheeps.

Very new trying to walk sheeps.

Hey pig!

Sleepy pig.

A chilly but beautiful day.

The cow says:

Tricksy goats.

Smiling silly goats.

For Keba.

Turkeys hangin' out near the big scary bulls.

Intimidating boar hog.


Seriously. Huge.

Heading out on a hayride.

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