Day 262: Reward Meal, AKA Feed the Blerch!

I rode a buttload of miles last week, including turning in my two longest rides to date, back to back, and powering through a rainsoaked soggy one on Sunday. I also burned quite a few calories, so I decided to replenish a few of them with a "Faturday" worthy meal. On Monday. 'Cause why not? Why should the weekend get all the fun meals?

At the last Vandalia Farmer's Market, I had participated in a convivial conversation regarding unusual peanut butter sandwich combinations from childhood. A lovely man was in the process of purchasing a jar of my tomato jam, and confessed his affinity for PB&Tomato. I countered with my family's PB, Lettuce, and Miracle Whip, at which he and his friend lit up and exclaimed their history with that combo as well.

I promised him I would try the PB+Tomato thing, but recalling my gag response to soggy things, I didn't really see this promise being fulfilled. Plus, I had burgers on the brain...  Wait!  I can combine these flavors! And in a beautifully food-nerdy way to boot!

Grilled Innisfree beef burger, Sriracha-laced PB, grilled thick-cut bacon, scratch-made tomato jam. Accompanied by grilled Romaine hearts and scallions with a curry kimchi dressing.  Rewarding. Filling, Blerchy.  A gold-medal combination!

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