Day 235: It's the Little Things (No, Really)

We rode to a quick breakfast this morning at First Watch, not my favorite eating spot, but when you're riding bikes your dining options are often limited, especially by the distance you are currently able to ride.  Still it's better than fast food, I suppose.  
Hannah always gets the giant chocolate chip pancake, and got through more of it this time than she ever has before (Hmmm, must have something to do with all those calories we've been burning lately!).
It irks me that we had to pay extra for "real maple syrup", something I've seen other places as well. Seriously, just serve the real stuff and up the dish price by like, a quarter, and just stop using the fake crap...
Ok, anyway, the perk of our "real" syrup up-charge today: a little dippy (as she used to say) syrup bottle that she got to take home!  

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