Day 88: Make it Yourself!

Homemade waffles using whole wheat flour, oats, blueberries, cane sugar, and real butter.

  Seriously folks, do some research.  Change your ways.  Don't settle for cheap, processed, and easy.  If we put in the same minimal effort at our jobs as we do for what we put in our mouths, we would get fired.  Make it yourself.  Use real food.  Like a job well done, a project completed, I guarantee you will start to feel better, feel better about yourself, and experience satisfaction and accomplishment.

Don't make excuses like "I don't know how to cook", "I don't have time", "My kids won't eat it", "It's too expensive."   To that I say: "Learn.  Practice.  Make time.  You can make a decent meal in 1/2 an hour.  Plan ahead.  My brother and sister-in-law both work full-time jobs and still manage to make meals.  Your kids will eat it if you get them involved, teach them to cook, and show excitement yourself.  Make them try it.  You are the parent, right?"  

 Listen, we are not independently wealthy, and we are insanely busy.  We buy a lot of ingredients which require work to turn them into a meal.  But those ingredients go a long way.  We grow stuff and eat it.  We buy directly from farmers.  You can do a lot with flour and eggs and veggies.  Just try.  Can you honestly tell me you feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction over sticking some sugar-stuffed cardboard into the toaster?  Um, no.  Be honest.  I feel really good about making them myself though, and knowing that I even made the preserves I put inside my hand-made pastry.

So...suck it Eggo.

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