Day 84

Baking, baking, BAKING!!!  Ugh, I don't even know who I am anymore!  I am trying to put together a few products to possibly sell at farmers' markets this year, but due to the lovely food vendor constraints here in Ohio (and most places stateside), I am limited to baked goods, at least until I can afford to rent some commercial kitchen space...

So, I am baking.  A lot.  As those of you who know me well, I am a COOK.  I would rather dice veggies any day than measure out some flour.  But, rules are rules.  To mix it up, I am working on some savory baked goods, meant to go with beer or meals, and some wholesome options as well.
Above you see what I have dubbed "Good Stuff" cookies, loaded with great ingredients like chia seeds, dried fruit, and oats.  They are really quite tasty, and would be perfect in the morning with some tea or fresh-brewed coffee, or tucked in a backpack for a hike or bike ride.  

Of course, to balance out the healthy, I am also working on homemade candy bars.  We should strive for balance in all aspects of life, shouldn't we?

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