Day 73: Holy Hake!

I have been craving fish tacos, so I decided tonight's dinner was a good time to satisfy this particular hunger.
I picked up some hake at the market, a fish I knew nothing about, but the price was right.  I Googled hake when I got home and discovered that is used to be considered a "garbage" fish, a member of the cod family, and is, well, kind of ugly.
Anyhow, I wasn't planning on entering it into any seafood beauty contests; I just needed it to cooperate in some hot peanut oil.
I made a batter of equal parts flour and cornmeal and whisked in a bottle of Founder's Porter.  The result was delightful!  I cannot wait to eat this fish again.  It has a light and delicate flavor and cooperated quite nicely when fried.
The final product: beer-battered fried hake tacos, Thai style, garnished with DLM Thai cabbage slaw and a quick sauce I made using Seven Stars whole milk yogurt, Sriracha, cilantro, and lime juice.  If I knew how to say delicious in Thai, I certainly would.

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