Day 301: Fun with Fusion

Nerdy food people like to poke fun at the (fusions) craze that hit the food scene a few decades ago. But in reality, all cuisine is fusion, a historical evolution on a plate. Unless you live in some remote corner of the Amazon, at one time or another the food of your region was influenced by the food of another. 

Not that this occurrence is anything to bemoan, however. Some of the best loved dishes of today are a happy amalgam of flavors and techniques from very different corners of the globe.  

One of my favorite fusions to play with at home is Asian/Mexican. The flavors and ingredients used is Chinese, Thai, and Korean dishes often blend in quite easily with the vibrant flavors of Mexico. 

Asian quesadillas: Rice, chicken, scallion, carrot, hoisin sauce, cheese, flour tortilla, served with Sriracha and creme fraiche.

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