Day 295: Birthday Eats

My husband's birthday falls on Halloween, which usually means he spends it trudging from house to house in inclement weather so our daughter can score a bag of crappy candy. This year was no exception. And to make the day particularly celebratory, I had a dress rehearsal, so he had to man the trick-or-treat duties alone (Although they did in fact team up with our dear friends. Still, the weather was very, very crummy.).  To assuage my conscience and assure him that I did in fact care about not being home to commemorate his oldness, I decided we should head out for a birthday dinner the night before. He chose to go to The Hawthorn Grill, one of our favorite local spots.

In honor of his big day, I chose not to harass him for a picture of his meal before eating, an annoyance he patiently obliges on too often a basis. I can tell you that he ordered the chicken, shrimp, and grits, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

My half-rack of ribs with mixed baked beans and slaw. Half of it went home for tasty leftovers for next day's lunch.

 Hannah loves a good pork chop, and this one was no exception. Here is was accompanied by beans, fried spaetzle, and frizzled onions. She had a tasty leftover lunch the next day as well.

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