GardenGate 2012, Spring, Part I

Today is Monday, 07 May, 2012.  Started putting things in the ground yesterday and hoping and praying for a much better season than last years wet, blighted debacle.  So far:

Tomatoes: 8
Strawberries: 12?
Hot Chili Pepper: 1 in container
Various Herbs
Collards: 2
Various greens and lettuces

What's going in for you so far?


Dennis L Hitzeman said...

So far, we've planted 50 new asparagus starts, 3 rhubarb plants, and 100 strawberry plants. This week yet, I hope to plant 21 tomato plants, potatoes, onions, and sweet corn. If time allows, I'll plant my 12 new hops rhizomes and possibly my flour corn.

That sounds like a lot, but it's really a matter of scale. If everything works out, we plan to sell our excess this year.

Deana Anker said...

We are just starting here, Hans made me a planter box and i am going to plant cucumbers, pearl onions, garlic, and dill.(hint hint... i am going to make pickles) and i have an old canvas over-the-door shoe rack i am going to fill with strawberries and maybe some basil and other herbs... we still have to fund a spot to give over to mint...