A Whole New World

Sooooo...here we are...the first week of 2012, and I don't even know how or where to begin. I guess at the beginning. The past several months have been quite the whirlwind. So many changes have taken place, some good (I think, though it's still too early to tell), some really rough. I kinda feel like some one's pinning me to the wall and flinging Chinese Stars at me, with more than a few of them hitting the mark.

Well, as Sister Maria wisely said, "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window." I am currently looking for said window, and preferably one that won't suddenly slam shut on my fingers. I also know that this window won't magically appear; I will have to find it.

For what, precisely, should I be looking? Where should I be looking? Will there be good tacos there? (I'm only partially kidding.)

Ok, so, game plan time. I have (sort of) hit on what could be (or not) an interesting starting point. We're gonna travel the world! Take in this sights and smells! Experience new cuisines! Well, probably nothing so extravagant (maybe someday, I hope), but we are hitting the road, nonetheless. My daughter and I are embarking on a series of food and culture adventures, with grand exploratory and gustatory goals. Then we'll write about it, and you'll read it, hopefully. Getting a child's perspective on a culinary experience should be entertaining, if nothing else.

First up: Cleveland, one of my favorite in-region cities. I'm in the planning stage right now, but will update when we've finalized our plan. "Cleveland?" "Really?" "It's rusty and the river's on fire!" Um, yes,and no. I hope to convince you otherwise. We are also looking at Indianapolis, Chicago, Charleston, Austin, Portland, Birmingham (yes, in AL), and NOLA. Don't know if we'll hit them all, but here's trying.

In between I'll be posting other food thoughts, ruminations, recipes, dishes, etc. Feel free to comment, but know that if you're mean to me, I'll shiv you. I totally will. Ha. Scared ya, didn't I? No really, critique away!


Dennis L Hitzeman said...

I am looking forward to reading about your adventures, Jennifer.

Jeanne said...

A child's view!! That will be eye-opening I'm sure!