Growing Liberty

One of the best consequences I have inadvertently discovered in my crazed foray into growing food is the immense gratification I am getting from it. It is absolutely hard work, to which my body will readily attest.

I have come to realize in this day and age that there is so little in our so-called "modern" and "progressive" lives that gives us anything close to true satisfaction. In our not too distant history, no one worked outside the home; the entire family, often extended, was intimately involved in the sustenance of the household. People lived in what they built, they ate what they grew.

I think I make none too broad of an assumption when I say that when questioned, most people would answer that they get little satisfaction from their jobs, that in fact they don't like what they are doing at all. When we are moved away from what we create, when we are isolated from what we produce, finding satisfaction in what we do becomes quite a difficult task.

The distance and dissatisfaction in our work directly parallels the distance and dissatisfaction within our food chain. We are so far removed from where we get nourishment that it has become difficult to find nourishment, much less satisfaction, in what we eat. We have no idea who raised our food, who processed our food, often who even prepared and cooked our food. All labor and connection to what we eat has been taken from us; we have been coaxed into thinking that this is the way it should be.

Being the stubborn, independent, control-freak that I am, I really don't care to be told what to do; I don't want some distant Board of Whomevers telling me they know what is best for me. Who decided that we no longer needed to labor? Why did we stop growing our own food? Who are you to decide what is best for me and my family? What are you trying to hide?

In reality, most corporations, both within the food industry and outside of it, have zero vested interest in your well-being. They are about profit. That's it.

What is so wrong with working hard? Why are we afraid to support ourselves? At the rate we're going, we soon may not have an option. I encourage you to take a step towards independence, to step out of the system. I guarantee you will work harder, but I bet you won't mind.

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Dennis L Hitzeman said...

Great post, Jennifer, and words after my own heart.